Get Help to Stop Repossession

Repossession Can be Stopped

Repossession is an uncomfortable topic that can catch consumers by surprise when they have failed to make timely payments on their car, truck or boat. The Tucson-based Law Office of Kathryn L. Johnson, can assist individuals living in Arizona in preventing repossession. One of the primary tools used to prevent repossession, foreclosure and other debt collection actions is the filing of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. By filing for Chapter 13 type bankruptcy protection, individuals can get an automatic stay that will prevent debt collectors from seizing or repossessing assets. In addition, an automatic stay can also stop a pending foreclosure sale date from occuring.

Residents Living in Tucson or the southern Arizona Area Should Know their Legal Rights

Attorney Kathy Johnson understands repossession laws and can help you to take the most appropriate course of action with regard to protecting or keeping your assets. For example, Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers consumers the option of surrendering their vehicle and being free of any further debt obligation. Conversely, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows individuals to maintain ownership of their vehicle and avert the possibility of repossession. This should be an important consideration for those who need their vehicle to continue working and going about their daily business. When choosing this option it is important to note that it is necessary to stay current with all future car payments and follow a strict repayment plan.

Know Your Rights with Regard to Debt Collection Actions

Consumers should understand that they do indeed have rights as afforded under Federal law with regard to how debt collectors seek to collect money. Lawyer Kathy Johnson can assist people in learning their rights with regard to debt collection and help them to navigate this sometime complex subject. It is important to note that the Tucson-based Law Office of Kathryn L. Johnson, is a debt relief agency intended to help individuals file for bankruptcy relief with regard to the Federal bankruptcy code. Kathy offers all new clients initial consultations that are free of any obligation and designed to help clients find a program that is best suited to their needs. Call today and set up an appointment that can include evenings and weekends consultations.