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Fear is one of the main reasons people don’t file bankruptcy. They are afraid to admit they made financial mistakes, and they become paralyzed with that fear so they put their head in the sand hoping creditors will go away. This only exacerbates the situation. Creditors do not go away.  A lot of people spend all of their time and energy beating themselves up instead of doing something significant to change their situation.  Think about this:

What would it feel like to get through the day or the week without having your phone ring from a creditor?

What would it feel like not to have to speak to a creditor?

What would it feel like to get out of a mortgage you can’t afford on a house that’s upside down?

What would it feel like to fix your credit?

Overcome your fear. We can help. If you or someone you know is in this situation, please contact our office to review options for free. Let’s change your financial life today. Call us at (520) 743-2257 or email Kathy@kathyjohnsonlaw.com.

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