Case Studies/Testimonials


William and Becky just wrote me:

          Since you helped us with our bankruptcy issues in 2010, life has been full of blessings.  I still think back to when we met you in your office, when we had recently moved here from Florida and everything was a disaster.  Through your help all that has changed!  All my security clearance issues were taken care of once I was able to explain my case; both Becky and I are working.  We were able to buy a home 2 years ago on enough land for us, the kids, and our animals.  Anytime anyone we know mentions having financial trouble, you and your team are the first folks we mention.  You are all top notch professionals, caring, and absolutely the most welcoming individuals we consulted with.  For anyone to choose someone else for what you do is baffling!  We have referred a few couples and families to your offices since 2010 and have been presented the opportunity to share news of your kindness and expertise once again.  They should be in contact with someone in your office soon and we already told them to expect the best from start to finish!  It is especially important for individuals with financial concerns to be able to turn to well versed and caring professionals such as you and your team, especially in these days of great uncertainty.  Thank you again for being there for us and for all those you will help who haven’t found you yet.   Very Respectfully,   William and Becky S.


Amy and Ryan R. filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2009, in part to get out from under an upside-down house in Tucson along with some medical bills and credit card debt.  They were just approved for a new mortgage and are now purchasing a home in another state.  They didn’t believe this was possible.  They are now going to become homeowners again.


CLIENT:   Don L.

Don and his wife initially came to meet me because they owned five (5) single family homes; 4 of which were purchased for investment in the height of the real estate market.  All five of the homes were upside down and had no equity.  They were unable to continue paying the mortgages due to tenant turnover and depletion of their reserves.  They also had approximately $130,000 in unsecured debt.  They were using credit cards to help bridge the gap for their ongoing expenses.  Their income was only Social Security and retirement, and they were raiding their retirement to help pay the bills.

After meeting with them, it was determined that they could file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to surrender the underwater properties, they could keep their own house, and keep what remained of their retirement funds.  Their unsecured debt would be discharged in the bankruptcy as well.

The debtors obtained a discharge of their unsecured debt and are now able to live on their retirement and Social Security.  They got rid of all of the properties except their personal residence.  Here’s what they had to say at the end of their case:

“I wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest gratitude to you for helping us so effectively through our recent legal issues and financial challenges.

You quickly got your hands around the problems we faced with our troubled real estate holdings, as well as the significant amount of personal debt we accumulated trying to keep the properties going.  You walked us through the process, the events that would take place, and communicated so skillfully, how one issue could affect another.

Your legal knowledge, expertise and advice were simply invaluable.

We really appreciated that you were always readily available.  You answered the many questions we had.  You took as much time as we needed to understand the complex legal issues and strategies.  And most importantly, you made us feel confident that we were in good hands and making the right decision.

Thanks again.”



CLIENT:    Connie S.

When Connie came to see me, she had approximately $60,000 in unsecured credit card debt and a condominium that she could no longer afford to pay the mortgage for because she had lost her job and could only find part time work.

We determined that Connie could file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  With that, she could surrender her  house and get out from under the mortgage payment.  She also was able to discharge her credit card debt and get a fresh start.

Here’s what she had to say at the end of her case:

“Thanks for sending me the notice re my bankruptcy.  I’m so glad that it’s finally done.  You have been so great, so helpful and understanding.  I can’t imagine what I would have done without your help.”



CLIENT:    Richard C.

When Richard and his wife came to meet me, they had over $150,000 in medical bills and credit card debt.  They had also voluntarily surrendered a motor home, and now faced a deficiency.  Their only income was Social Security, disability and a small pension.  They were a retired couple never believing they would be in the financial situation they were in.

We determined that the clients were qualified to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  They were able to discharge all of their medical bills, credit card debt and the deficiency on the motorhome.  They were also able to keep their residence and vehicle.

Once the discharge occurred, the clients were quite happy.  Here’s what they had to say:

“We can’t tell you how much pressure you’ve taken off us, and we can’t thank you enough, and your staff for the kindness and professionalism.  We would not hesitate to recommend you.”



CLIENT:    Al and Leslie H.

When Al and his wife came to me, they had approximately $80,000 in credit card debt.  He was self-employed and she had lost her job.  They simply were unable to keep up with their bills.  Their house was upside down and had a large monthly payment.  They had two vehicles – one of which had a high monthly payment.  They were reluctant to file bankruptcy, thinking they were failures.

Once we reviewed their situation, it was determined that they could do a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  They could surrender their upside down house.  They could surrender the vehicle with the large payment and get a more affordable replacement vehicle.  Their credit card debt would go away as well.

After their discharge, here’s what the clients had to say:

“Thank you for all your help, you truly are a credit to the legal profession.

You have a gift for putting people at ease and communicating clearly to the layman so we can understand better what’s happening with our particular situation.  (I actually was able to sleep that night after you said not to worry and explained what you’d do).

Your kindness and willingness to actually take a call from a client and speak to us (I know how busy you are so I always try to keep it really short and precise as possible) is such a valuable attribute.

You deserve a lot of success and happiness in your life – you’ve earned it by your actions and the example you set.”



CLIENT:   Bob and Sue C.

When Bob and Sue came to see me, they had a home that was worth less than what was owed on the mortgage.  They had been trying to rent the house and had moved into their 5th wheel trailer because they were having a hard time paying their bills and mortgage payment.  However, their tenant had recently stopped paying rent and left, leaving them in a lurch.  They also had approximately $105,000 in credit card debt.  Bob was a disabled veteran and his wife didn’t work.  Their income was limited to Social Security, disability and retirement.  They used all of their 401k funds over the last few years to pay their ongoing living expenses.  At the time of our initial meeting, Bob had a claim pending with the VA to increase his disability rating from 70% to 100%.  The claim had been pending for almost 28 months.  There was no time frame as to when the decision on the claim would be made.

Based on my review of their situation, Bob and Sue were eligible to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to surrender their house and get rid of all of their credit card debt.

About three weeks later, they contacted me and advised that VA had unilaterally determined he was  entitled to the 100% disability rating, and they had electronically deposited to their account approximately $28,000 as a retroactive payment for the time the claim had been pending.  Shortly thereafter, Bob and Sue decided it was time to hire me and to file the bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, due to the large deposit, Bob and Sue cannot file Chapter 7 bankruptcy right now; that income has to be included in the financial analysis (“means test”) to determine eligibility, and now because of that income, they cannot file.  They will have to wait for at least six months to look at their income situation at that time to see if they can then file.  HAD THEY HIRED ME INITIALLY AND WE FILED BEFORE THE DISABILITY MONEY CAME IN, THEY WOULD BE ABLE TO FILE CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY.

This case is a HUGE lesson to all of those folks who want to “wait to decide to file.”  Your circumstances may change and limit your options.



Client:    Linda W.

After being in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for several years, debtor’s husband passed away.  Our office was able to help her use some of the life insurance benefits to pay off her Chapter 13 Plan early.  Here’s what the client had to say:

“I just want to take a minute to say thank you for help in my bankruptcy, your legal knowledge, expertise and ability to help me through the most difficult time in life can never be expressed fully.  Most attorneys would have just ignored me when I lost my husband in the middle of a bankruptcy, but you proved to be guiding light even when the insurance company was trying to ignore my problems.

Bankruptcy is hard enough, but to lose my husband of 35 years made this chapter 13 a nightmare, and you helped me when no one else would.

Most performances are rated by a number between 1 & 10, you would rate as a 10 for excellent service.”