Don’t refinance your student loans until you get all the facts.

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We have all seen them – the ads telling us to refinance our student loans. They are on social media, television and in the mail.  Lower your monthly payments? Potentially lower your monthly interest rate? Sounds great, right? However, here is the problem and what you are not told by these private refinance programs unless […]

Student Loans Causing You Problems? You May Be Eligible For Relief.

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Student loan debt is rising at alarming rates.  It accounts for over $1 trillion in national debt.  The student’s hope is that if all goes well, education will lead to a better economic situation.  However, some graduates find that their professions are not as lucrative as they hoped they would be, or they end up […]

Contemplating bankruptcy is very emotional.

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I meet with a lot of potential clients, and most of them are very leery of the idea of filing bankruptcy. For some, they can’t fathom not paying their bills since they’ve paid them on time their whole lives. (They just don’t know how to handle them now.) For others, they are stressed and worried […]

It’s Time to Deal with Your Debt Now.

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Are you afraid to answer your phone because you know there’s a debt collector on the other end? People in that situation know they owe debt, but they don’t want to think about it, and if they do, they think that if they ignore it, the debt collector will go away. DEBT COLLECTORS DO NOT […]


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Fear is one of the main reasons people don’t file bankruptcy. They are afraid to admit they made financial mistakes, and they become paralyzed with that fear so they put their head in the sand hoping creditors will go away. This only exacerbates the situation. Creditors do not go away.  A lot of people spend all […]


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Nobody wants to file bankruptcy, but sometimes it’s a necessity and a good option to get a fresh start. Here are the top three reasons given by most people as to why they don’t want to file bankruptcy right now: 1. I will try to resolve the debt on my own or through debt consolidation […]

Bankruptcy Warning Signs

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If you are experiencing more than one of these warning signs and have accumulated debt you cannot afford to repay, you may be on the verge of bankruptcy. 1. You are living paycheck to paycheck and you have no savings. If you are living from paycheck to paycheck, you are spending your money as quickly […]

Some homeowners could get hit with a whopping tax bill if they accept help through Bank of America’s most recent settlement 

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The Department of Justice just announced a $17 billion settlement last week with Bank of America.  The settlement is supposed to provide mortgage debt relief for troubled homeowners, but those who accept that help could be hit with a hefty tax bill later. According to the Attorney General’s office, here’s an example of how the […]

Are you a real estate agent doing short sales? Do you know someone who is considering a short sale or foreclosure?

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A lot of real estate agents are afraid to refer their clients to me for a bankruptcy for fear of losing a commission on a short sale. What most agents don’t understand is that a bankruptcy filed PRIOR to a short sale or foreclosure will take care of any tax consequence to the seller. A […]

Bankruptcy myth

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I know there are a lot of people out there that believe that if they file bankruptcy, they’re never going to be able to get credit again. Hogwash I say! Bankruptcy does not have the stigma it once had. I have had numerous clients who filed bankruptcy even just 2 years ago that have now […]